Shanna goes to Nottingham

By Shanna

On the 1st of February I started a two-month visit to the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre in Nottingham (UK) with the group of Matt Brookes. This center is amongst others equipped with 3 MRI scanners (1.5T, 3T, 7T) and an MEG system and is part of the School of Physics and Astronomy. Their research aims to bring together the scientist developing new medical imaging techniques with the clinicians and scientists who use them.

After a warm welcome and meeting a lot of new people, the hard work has started. The main goal of my visit is to learn how to work with neural mass models to be able to simulate the activity of neural networks. These models will be specified for and verified with MS and neuro-oncological data. The focus thereby is on hub-specific degeneration within the networks of both diseases. I will relate this degeneration to the cognitive performance of these patients and ultimately hope to be able to predict the cognitive status of MS and neuro-oncological patients over time.

During my visit, I will be supervised by Dr. Prejaas Tewarie and I will collaborate closely with Professor Coombes of the department of Mathematics.

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