Linda Douw (PI)

Tianne Numan (PostDoc)

Fernando Santos (PostDoc)

Jolanda Derks (PhD candidate)

Shanna Kulik (PhD candidate)

Jantine Röttgering (PhD candidate)

Marike van Lingen (MSc, research assistent)

Lucas Breedt (MSc, research assistent)

Eduarda Centeno (MSc, research assistent)

Lab alumni

Dagmar Nieboer (PhD candidate 2013-2020) is now an advisor at the Federation of Medical Specialists.

Anouk Ticheler (RA 2019) is now pursuing a Master’s degree.

Gwenda Engels (PhD candidate 2015-2019) is a health scientist at Dephion.

Margot Wagenmakers (RA 2018-2019) is now a junior researcher at GGZ InGeest.

Lieke Hoyng (RA 2016-2018) is a bioinformatician at AMC.

Quirien Oort (RA 2017-2018) is currently pursuing a PhD in neuro-oncology at both Amsterdam UMC and Leiden University Medical Center.

Lieke van Dongen (RA 2017-2018) is currently doing a management traineeship at Amsterdam UMC.

Edwin van Dellen (PhD candidate 2008-2012) is now a psychiatrist, while still being a prolific researcher (post-doctoral research fellow at University Medical Center Utrecht, visiting and honorary research fellow, Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre).