• Eduarda Centeno joins the lab

    We welcome Eduarda to the lab! She will be helping us streamline our analysis pipelines and, most importantly, organize our shared codes on GitHub.

  • Jolanda defends on November 16!

    Jolanda will defend her dissertation “The impact of glioma on brain functioning and vice versa” on November 16th at 1.45pm!

  • Two posters at OHBM2020!

    #1493 by Shanna Kulik, on Modeling neurophysiological brain activity in individual subjects; we describe a personalized Jansen-Rit neural mass model that uses individual structural connectivity to recapitulate MEG-based empirical functional connectivity. #2064 by Vera Belgers, in which we use MEG oscillatory activity as a proxy of brain activity to predict progression-free survival in glioma patients, […]

  • Dagmar defends on September 28!

    Due to COVID-19, Dagmar’s dissertation defense has been moved to Monday September 28th, at 9.45am! We hope to know whether this will be a virtual or live event soon.

  • Biniam wins young investigator award!

    After presenting his thesis work on “Changes in resting-state functional brain networks of breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and their correlation with fatigue”, Biniam Melese won a young investigator award at ICCTF’s meeting (the International Cognition and Cancer Task Force)! Very well done, and a good reflection of Biniam’s efforts in this highly collaborative […]

  • Two projects funded

    Two of our collaborative ideas have received funding from Amsterdam Neuroscience! The first is on linking postmortem MS pathology to large-scale brain network failure (PI: Menno Schoonheim, in the Neuroinflammation theme), the second on multiscale correlates of cognition (PI: Natalia Goriounova in the Systems and Network Neuroscience theme). Much bridging of scales planned for the coming years!

  • Biniam to present at ICCTF!

    Biniam Melese, who did his internship with Michiel de Ruiter, Sanne Schagen (both of the Netherlands Cancer Institute) and Linda on the brain network correlates of chemobrain in breast cancer patients, has received the honor of holding an oral presentation at the annual meeting of the International Cognition and Cancer Task Force! He will be elucidating […]

  • Mona Zimmermann

    I joined the MULTINET Lab in January 2021 as a student of the Brain and Cognitive sciences Master (UvA). Both my Bachelor’s and Master’s programs were focused on training their students to become interdisciplinary researchers in the (huge) field of Neuroscience. While studying I tried hard to understand what that actually means and to find […]

  • Vasco Rauh

    I recently graduated from the Vrije Universiteit with a master’s degree in Neuroscience. During my study, I also engaged in a variety of neurophilosophical courses, which has made me skilled at evaluating the conceptual foundations of neuroscientific research. During my first neuroscientific internship I studied the network configuration of alcohol seeking under motivational conflict in […]

  • Dagmar will defend on March 17th!

    Dagmar Nieboer will defend her thesis “Healthy life, happy brain?” on March 17th, at 1.45pm in the VU Aula. More info will follow!