Linda was installed as a member of the Amsterdam Young Academy!

The lab will present a poster (on Jolanda’s work on MEG, cognition and IDH mutations) and a talk (on Tianne’s work regarding lesion network mapping in glioma) at this year’s EANO in Stockholm, Sweden!

Jolanda’s paper on the association between oscillatory activity, neuroligin-3 and progression free survival is out now in Journal of Neuro-oncology!

This Friday (August 10), Linda will present at the Martinos center’s Science on Tap

Linda is co-organizing a satellite session on “A journey through the networked brain: from neuron to behavior” at this year’s Dutch Neuroscience Meeting (June 7-8)

Also in MS: information processing speed relates to task-based dynamic connectivity (in NeuroImage: Clinical)

The ENBIT inaugural workshop on Data Sharing & Tools for Brain Tumour Imaging is coming! Join us on May 31st in Brussels!

New paper on hippocampal dynamic connectivity and memory in MS is out now!

Jolanda’s pitch on our research was amongst the top 4 PhD presentations at the CCAnext event at AMC!


Together with a host of colleagues at VUmc and AMC, Linda received a grant from Amsterdam Neuroscience to investigate multimodal brain networks and cognition!

Jolanda and Linda show a bit of the lab’s research with department head Jeroen Geurts in a new installment of his vlog series for ZonMw (in Dutch)!

Quirien joined the lab!

Jolanda and Linda wrote a piece on our work for Neuropraxis (in Dutch).

Linda and several colleagues will be @OHBM in Vancouver as of Sunday, read up on the science we’ll be presenting here.

The editors picked Kim Meijer’s work for the Spotlight in Neurology recently!

Together with several international collaborators, Linda received an INCF grant to start a European Network in Brain Tumour Imaging (ENBIT)!

VUmc De Specialist published a short movie on our latest publication on dynamics of brain networks (in Dutch).

We have an exciting new addition to the lab: Tianne!

Several news outlets picked up on our paper in Scientific Reports, amongst which

New paper on the association between hub dynamics and cognitive outcome after neurosurgery.

Shanna left Amsterdam to learn about network modeling in Nottingham for two months.

Linda was interviewed by the HersenMagazine!

Our paper on functional connectomics in glioma patients was published in NeuroImage:Clinical! Read a short summary here.


Shanna won a Nauta fellowship to visit collaborators in Nottingham, congrats!

New paper out on efficacy and functional connectomic correlates of a new drug for recurrent glioblastoma, work mainly by colleagues at the Martinos Center

A local radiostation interviewed Linda about science translation to the public through brain lectures (in Dutch, around 10min mark)

Linda wrote a short blog about some new developments in neuro-oncology for the Brain Tumor Center Amsterdam (in Dutch)


Jolanda won the best poster award at the LWNO scientific meeting!

Our latest paper in Nature Communications was picked up by EOS wetenschap and FMT gezondheidszorg (both in Dutch)

My research highlighted in “VUmc In Praktijk” (in Dutch)

A journalist’s sample from our lab meeting on scientific writing and translational neuroscience in the Volkskrant (in Dutch)


Abstract resulting from a collaboration with Emerson Gasparetto’s group was highlighted at RSNA 2014

Short news item about our new grant to investigate tDCS in Parkinson’s patients (on the VU University Medical Center website in Dutch and on the Connected Brains website in English) invited us to help start the Amsterdam Exchange on Monday, June 9th, in order to raise awareness for the disease during Brain Tumor Week

The start of a new project highlighted for Brain Awareness Week (in Dutch)


Our latest study about the altered connectome in temporal lobe epilepsy is now published and highlighted by Radiology, with a bonus interview on the Martinos Center website

News outlets highlighting our study into modafinil in brain tumor related fatigue: here and here

The European Association for NeuroOncology interviewed Linda about our research into the association between functional brain networks and molecular protein expression in brain tumor patients


Is the brain like internet in our head? Quest interviewed my colleague Edwin van Dellen to make a 1 minute video about our research (in Dutch)


An article about brain networks on ZieDaar (in Dutch)


BBC article on our study into the deleterious long-term effects of radiotherapy on cognition in low-grade glioma

Volkskrant article on the same study of radiotherapy effects (in Dutch)

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