The VUmc CCA Brain Tumor Center Amsterdam is formed by a group of clinicians and researchers essential for the studies we perform. Also locally, the MEG center of the department of clinical neurophysiology at VUmc is a driving force within the brain network field in general, and continues to support and inspire our lab.

Steve Stufflebeam at MGH / Martinos Center greatly maintains the connection between Amsterdam and Boston towards improving dynamic connectivity analysis, multimodal connectivity visualization, and the clinical application thereof in clinical practice.

Elizabeth Gerstner and the Quantitative Tumor Imaging at Martinos group are involved in performing network analyses in brain tumor patients and offer important input in terms of data and clinical relevance of these endeavors.

Hesheng Liu at MGH / Martinos Center is an excellent collaborator within the field of network neuroscience; work coming out of his lab combines technological advance with elegant clinical implications.

We have a long-lasting collaboration with Piet Van Mieghem and Huijuan Wang at Delft Technical University. They are experts in the field of graph theory and continue to innovate its fundamentals and applications.

Nick Ramsey and Mathijs Raemaekers at UMC Utrecht are experts in the field of neuroimaging and brain-computer interfaces. Together, we hope to shed further light on the impact of glioma on the dynamic brain network.

Claus Reinsberger at Paderborn University studies sports neurology and is an excellent source of original research ideas.

Brian Alexander and his people at Dana Farber Cancer Institute are reframing clinical care in patients with (primary and metastatic) brain tumors; it is great to collaborate towards exploring how network neuroscience may aid in that context.

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