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  • Jantine Röttgering joins the lab!

    I’m a young doctor with a fascination for human interaction and the secrets of the brain. Working in a neurology department, made me realise that the interaction between research, cure and care is viable to improve care for our patients. Neuro-oncology is a field with great challenges. Patients with a brain tumor still have poor […]

  • Fernando receives Trainee Poster Award!

    Fernando has received the Trainee Poster Award for his work, which was also a presentation in the workshop on “Phase transitions in the brain” at the Computational Neuroscience meeting in Barcelona. Congratulations Fernando!!    

  • Year-end lab BBQ

    With the end of the academic year nearing, we held a celebratory lab BBQ, right inbetween thunder storms. Special thanks to amazing BSc/MSc students Floris Tijhuis, Vera Belgers, Sofia Orellana, Biniam Melese Bekele, Dora Brooks and Lucas Breedt for their valuable contributions in the past year, and best of luck with your future endeavors!! And […]

  • NPCS April 4th, 2019

    We had a great time at the National Platform for Complex Systems in Utrecht! From left to right: Marike van Lingen (RA), Biniam Bekele Melese (MSc student), Lucas Breedt (MSc student), Floris Tijhuis (MSc student), Dora Brooks (BSc student), Linda Douw (PI), Tianne Numan (Postdoc), Shanna Kulik (PhD student), Sofia Orellana (MSc student), Margot Wagenmakers […]

  • Fernando Santos has joined the lab!

    I am trained in statistical mechanics and applied topology. My current interests are in using methods of topology, geometry, statistical mechanics, and topological data analysis (TDA) in neuroscience. During my Ph.D. at Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil), I studied the topological aspects of phase transitions in classical Hamiltonian systems. Later, I spend one year as a […]

  • Jolanda’s pitch @CCAnext

    Jolanda was in the top 3 pitchers at CCAnext!!

  • Maxine Gorter

    Combining science and clinical work to help people with brain injury, that is what I want to do. Fascinated by the complex interplay of brain function and cognition, I tried to get an understanding of the neurobiological and behavioral mechanisms in humans during my studies. In addition, I was always trying to balance my interests […]

  • Bernardo Maciel

    I’m a Biomedical Engineer from Portugal, interested in the frontier between engineering, neuroscience and psychiatry. I am especially passionate about using artificial intelligence for synthesis and analysis of biomarkers of psychiatric/neurologic disease. In particular, I’ve been keen on connectomics as a framework to make sense of the unfathomable complexity of the brain. I have developed […]

  • Eduarda Centeno

    I started my academic career as a biotechnologist and, recently, I have obtained my Master’s degree in Neuroscience at both the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Université de Bordeaux (joint masters – Neurasmus). My main focus in the field is Computational Neuroscience, which allows me to merge two of my greatest passions – computers and […]