Author: lindadouw

  • We have a guest!

    So happy to welcome Thijs Vande Vyvere from Belgium to the team. Thijs is working on radiological analysis of brain lesions in Antwerp. He will be exploring network and topological analysis of resting-state fMRI. Great way to lure Fernando into coming to our building even more! Thijs will stay with us for 3 months.

  • SNO 2022

    At this year’s Society for NeuroOncology meeting in Tampa, Florida, we will be presenting on different aspects of our research. Linda will be giving a talk on “Brain network dynamics in glioma” during the Educational Day on Thursday November 17. She will also present work by Mona and Marike through two posters, on Friday: NCOG-17…

  • Dorien joins the team!

    As of November 1st, we are super happy that Dorien Maas has joined our team. Dorien will be bringing a lot of microscale knowledge and ideas to our multiscale endeavors, as she has ample experience with cellular work in tissue and animal models. We are very excited about what the future holds for this new…

  • Fernando presents at Amsterdam Neuroscience

    Fernando was selected to give a storyslam presentation at Amsterdam Neuroscience’s annual meeting on October 7th! He talked about his collaborative work on high-order hubs in the human connectome through newly defined measures that can be used on for instance resting-state fMRI data. Feel free to (re)watch his presentation!

  • Maxine wins an award!

    Maxine not only presented her very first abstract at her very first conference last week, but also won the EANO Young Investigator Travel Scholarship for Outstanding Science for EANO allied health professionals & nurses members for her work! The abstract of her analysis of cognitive deficits and profiles in glioma patients in the stable phase…

  • We are at EANO 2022

    Several of us are present at the European Association for Neuro-Oncology’s annual meeting in Vienna between September 15-18! Our oral presentations: Maxine Gorter will present on cognitive profiles of patients in the stable phase of their disease on Saturday (abstract). Whereas most studies have assessed the prevalence of cognitive deficits and co-occurrence of deficits across…

  • Marloes wins best presentation!

    At the Network Institute’s final presentation session, Marloes (and Anouk in spirit) won the best presentation for her talk on hub diversity in translational neuroscience meetings! This project has been a truly interdisciplinary endeavor with collaborators from Amsterdam UMC (Saskia Peerdeman) and VU University (Joyce Lamerichs, Stéphanie van der Burgt, Jeroen Geurts). Stay tuned for…

  • Lucas and Mona present their first posters!

    After starting their PhDs during the pandemic and being virtual for the most part, Lucas and Mona presented their first posters at OHBM 2022 in Glasgow. Look at them glow!

  • Fernando featured on IAS website

    The Institute for Advanced Studies highlighted how Fernando’s research and collaborations flourished during (and despite) covid in this article.

  • Job alert! Postdoc and/or Assistant professor position

    We are seeking a talented scientist to strengthen our lab as we strive to improve patient outcomes by understanding and manipulating personalized multiscale network data. We investigate brain disease in general, and glioma specifically, on multiple scales: at the macroscale, we employ advanced neuroimaging and neurophysiology, as well as behavioral assessments. At the micro and mesoscales,…