We are at EANO 2022

Several of us are present at the European Association for Neuro-Oncology’s annual meeting in Vienna between September 15-18! Our oral presentations:

Maxine Gorter will present on cognitive profiles of patients in the stable phase of their disease on Saturday (abstract). Whereas most studies have assessed the prevalence of cognitive deficits and co-occurrence of deficits across different cognitive domains at diagnosis, Maxine explored the cognitive landscape of glioma patients in the stable phase of the disease, revealing high prevalence of deficits in three different profiles.

Linda Douw will present Mona Zimmermann’s work on the complex relationship between brain activity and network connectivity throughout the (non-tumor invaded) brain on Friday (abstract for more info). In the relatively new field of cancer neuroscience, it is becoming clear that there is ample cross-talk between neurons and glioma cells around the tumor. This work uses magnetoencephalography to establish deviant brain activity as well as network connectivity throughout the brain, revealing that pathological activity and deviant network connectivity go hand in hand, albeit in an unexpected way.

We also have two posters!

P01.10.B  The relation between executive functioning and MEG multilayer network centrality in glioma patients, work by Marike van Lingen (presented by Linda, abstract)

P01.03.B A quantitative comparison of cognitive performance and patient-reported symptoms in preoperative lower-grade glioma patients from two Dutch hospitals, by Vera Belgers (abstract)

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