Spotlight on Neurology paper

The paper on hub-rich networks in MS by Kim Meijer was put in the spotlight by the editors of Neurology. In this study, cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis was related to altered communication of hub-rich networks. The default mode and frontoparietal networks showed increased functional connectivity, but only with more peripheral regions (i.e., non-hubs), in cognitively impaired patients. This seemingly negative shift in network balance potentially underlies cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 3.40.20 PM

OHBM 2017

We will be going to Vancouver, and will present the following posters:

  • Tuesday, #2019: the microscopic substrates of macro-scale graph theoretical properties of the brain, first author Svenja Kiljan (more info here)
  • Thursday, #3057: the (dynamic) connectivity profile of the cerebellum in MS, and its cognitive correlates, first author Menno Schoonheim (more info here)
  • Thursday, #3061: the dynamic connectivity mechanisms underlying content-specific memory functioning in MS, first author Quinten van Geest (more info here)

Hope to have some great discussions over these investigations!