Eduarda Centeno

Picture1I started my academic career as a biotechnologist and, recently, I have obtained my Master’s degree in Neuroscience at both the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Université de Bordeaux (joint masters – Neurasmus). My main focus in the field is Computational Neuroscience, which allows me to merge two of my greatest passions – computers and trying to understand how the brain works. I am a pythonist and an open science enthusiast.

I did my master thesis at Dr. Douw’s team where I developed statistical pipelines and applied Topological Data Analysis (TDA) in Python on resting-state fMRI datasets from glioma patients. In parallel to that, I also wrote a hands-on review and a Jupyter Notebook on how to use Python to compute metrics from both Graph Theory and TDA in fMRI data. These will soon be made available to facilitate the comprehension and computation of network neuroscience metrics to newcomers to the field.

During the second semester of 2020, I will be working with the team as a research assistant and plan to implement open science tools (GitHub) to make the group’s data and scripts/pipelines easily accessible online. We also aim to import and implement publicly available preprocessing pipelines to improve the reproducibility of our results and facilitate the comparison with other groups.

My goal for the foreseeable future is to keep on investigating brain functioning while creating open-source computational tools for the field. In 2021, I will be starting my Ph.D. in France, where I will focus on the development of open-source data analysis software in Python to investigate the correlations between neural activity and the singing of songbirds.

You can also find me at linkedin.

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